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QuickBooks error 1625 is the QuickBooks update or installation issue. Being an individual, freelancer, or SME, you choose to keep your accounting record up to the mark. On that note, Intuit continuously releases multiple updates for the software in the expectancy of maximum concessions to the users. This bond sometimes gets stressed owing to some updated policy forbidden by the system or other causes. If you have triggered this issue in your software and there is no way forward, be with us till you get the solution. Here we go!

What is QuickBooks Error 1625?

Whenever you initiate the latest update of QuickBooks accounting software on your Windows operating system, an error gets displayed on the screen: “This installation is forbidden by system policy that occurs when installing or updating QuickBooks.” It is the reverse of running the Windows installer program. Maybe there is a bug in your OS, or an attempt is against the admin access only. 

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error 1625?

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1625

Knowing the causes better is productive for the exact solution application. In this paragraph, we will give out some causes for QuickBooks error code 1625:

  • The device is unresponsive to locating the Windows installer files.
  • Corrupted Windows files can cause QuickBooks update error 1625.
  • Windows and QuickBooks can’t recognize you as an admin for the update process.
  • A sudden shutdown of the computer.
  • Program files are under the impact of malware. 
  • QuickBooks support files have got transferred into the trash mistakenly.
  • Corruption in the installation framework.
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Troubleshooting Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 1625

Numerous methods are out-loaded to reconfigure the QuickBooks and desktop settings that prevent the flawless administration of the latest QBs update. Read the solutions below:-

Method 1. Regedit Command in Windows

Not always the software and server responsible for error 1625 QuickBooks update, the device you use also plays a prominent role. You can enforce the Regedit command in the course of action. See the process below:

  1. Press the “Windows icon” or “Start” button.
  2. Type “Command” in the “Search Box” (Don’t hit Enter)
  3. Hold the “Ctrl+Shift” keys together, and then press the “Enter.”
  4. Press “Yes” in response to “Dialogue Box Permission”.
  5. Heading towards the “Black Box” with a blinking cursor, Type “Regedit”. 
  6. Tap “Enter”.
  7. From the “File Menu”, Press the mark “Export”.
  8. Give a location to your “Backup File”.
  9. Press “Save”.
  10. Save the changes via the addition of “.red file extension”
  11. Finally, the Windows installer backup is active to remove the QuickBooks problem error 1625 and finish the software update. 

Method 2. Deactivate the “Non-Admin Prohibition”

Admin or username is the most prominent feature of any program or software. Whether you run OS or QB software, admin access is always active for data security purposes. If you are working without admin permission, you can’t complete the installation. Deactivate the “non-admin” prohibition by the following. 

For Windows 7,8,10

Deactivate the “Non-Admin Prohibition

  1. Open the “Run” dialogue box with “Windows+R”.
  2. Type gpedit.msc” in the box. 
  3. Click on the “Ok” button to see the “Local Computer Policy” window. 
  4. Choose the option “Computer Configuration”.
  5. Move to “Administrative Templates”.
  6. Find “Windows Components” to click on “Windows Installer”.
  7. Double-Click on “Prohibition Non-administrators” to involve “Vendor-Signed Updates”.
  8. Hit the “Disable” and tap on the “Ok” button to switch to the end. 
  9. Update the QB software by this resolution. Move to another one if error 1625 QuickBooks persists. 
For Windows XP
  1. Go to the “Start button” of the Windows taskbar. 
  2. Click on the “Run” dialogue box. 
  3. Type the command gpedit.msc” in the search space. 
  4. Press “Ok.”
  5. Find the Window “Local Computer Policy”.
  6. Pick out “Computer Configuration”.
  7. Move to the following level for “Admin Templates”.
  8. Press the “Windows Components”.
  9. Choose “Windows Installer” and find “Prohibit Non-administrators.” 
  10. Ensure the “Vendor Signed Updates” requisition with the dual-click of “Prohibit Non-administrators”.
  11. Click on the “Disable” alternative to hit “Ok.”
  12. Check the settings changes by trying the QuickBooks update again. 

Method 3. UAC Settings Turn-off

UAC Settings Turn-off

The configuration of UAC settings can counter QuickBooks update error 1625. For the execution of the same, follow the given instructions. 

  1. Click on the “Start” button to type “MSCONFIG” in the “Search Box.”
  2. Hit the “Enter.”
  3. Click on the “Continue” button for “Change UAC settings”.
  4. Hit the “Launch” button for the navigation with “Never Notify”.
  5. There is a need to restart your device.
  6. Do the same to meet the decisiveness.

Method 4. Software Restriction Policy Changes

You might have to go through software restriction policy changes to walk you through the impeccable QuickBooks software update. Read below.  

  1. Open the “Control Panel” to uncover the “System and Security” choice. 
  2. Hit the “Administrative Tools” to select “Local Security Settings”.
  3. Go through “Software Restriction Policies” to choose “Software Restriction Policy Node” if no restriction is there. 
  4. Right-click with the mouse for “New Software Restriction Policy”.
  5. Give two clicks of the mouse on “Enforcement”.
  6. Click on “All Users Except Local Administrators” underneath of “Enforcement Properties” window. 
  7. Press “Ok” and restart the Windows Operating System. 
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Method 5. Windows Drivers Update

In the process of prevailing QuickBooks problem error 1625, you have to take more steps if everything is out of response. That can seem less crucial for the cause list. However, obsolete Windows drivers can run this issue with your QuickBooks software update. Windows Drivers UpdateYou need to refresh the system drivers.

  1. Visit the “Windows Update” in the “Settings” section.
  2. Find the drivers attached to the OS to refresh and update them. 
  3. Finally, open the QB installation window to give it a successful completion. 

The Bottom Line 

We hope that with the help of this article, there is enough content in your hand to rectify QuickBooks error 1625. The error occurs because of some misconfiguration of your system. However, if you go through these details exhaustively, you may accomplish the software update easily. In case you find any query or any other QuickBooks technical error, we are always available for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 – What is a QuickBooks Used For?

Answer – Intuit has devoted QuickBooks accounting software to recording the financial transactions of small-mid and large-size businesses. For the same, it has features like a Payroll management tool, inventory management advances, and income-expenses report tracking.

Q.2 – Can you do QuickBooks for free?

Answer – No, QuickBooks is not available for free-of-cost. However, it has the option for a 30-days free trial to get you hands-on experience on the software.

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